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  1. A-SYMPHONY, 2013
    performance, 4 hours
    Zone2source, Amsterdam, NL
    concept and realisation: Anna Orlikowska / Maria Lalou

  2. How to translate one medium into another? For a performance event in “Het Glazen Huis” located in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam, we treated physical movements as music. If you would be standing inside the exhibition building, through its glass walls you would see two performers, silently circling around the building through the park pathways—sometimes very slow, sometimes very fast. They would walk towards each other and avoid each other another time. They would stop and stand still. Each action made by one of them would find its contraction in the movement of another. The walking of two performers represented two related musical themes. The unpredictable movements of the audience and park visitors were part of the composition. Stillness became silence in music. We documented the performance and translated it into a score. This new score we will translate it into another sequence of movements.