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  2. My voice is Jadrim da Luz is a sound piece, an intervention into field recordings from Jardim da Luz garden square in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For the exhibition ‘Oasis’ at Casa do Povo in Sao Paulo I wanted to bring the oasis-like atmosphere of the nearby park into the exhibition space. I never went to Sao Paulo, but I requested a recording of the sounds in the park. I imagined it would be full of singing birds and cicadas. Contrary to my expectation, the recording of the park's actual soundscape was full of only city noises. I decided to improve the recording with how I imagined it to be, using my own voice. Having studied the sounds of Brazilian frogs, cicadas and birds, I recreated these with my own voice. The final work is a sound walk in which the noises of the real place are merging with fabricated sounds of nature, creating an idealised place that does not exist.

    sound installation, 9:10 min
    hidden speakers in an empty exhibition room
     Oasis, Teto Projects at Casa da Povo, Sao Paulo