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  1. THE WEAVING #2, 2013
    performance for six walking singers, 120 min
    Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

  2. The weaving#2 is an expansion of the project The weaving#1. I call it the living sound sculpture. Six singers are grouped in pairs. Just like in The weaving #1 singers voices are treated as threads, with the principle of two voices holding one thread on its two ends and a system of warp and weft threads. The performers walk through corridors, staircases, elevators and other transitory places. While constantly singing and remaining in relation towards each other. It is as if they would spread and adjust the structure of the fabric into all those locations. Sound fabric is bending, stretching and curving through the noise of the hallways, between the public, sometimes almost unnoticed, yet present all the time.