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  1. "In the works of Anna Orlikowska the theme of ‘space activation’ is central. She manages to make refined observations of the rooms, halls and spaces, savoring their acoustics, the sounds that go with function, the singing coming from the heating systems, the humming of cooling ventilators. She ‘replies’ to these situations with voice-works that are both elegant and arresting. It points at a fundamental issue in urban life: we build our cities, but how actually is it to be in the spaces that make our cities? What are these spaces beside our use of them? How is it when a person is in a room lie a bird is in a tree? Space is an evasive phenomenon, it often is considered ‘That what is vacant’, the emptiness that can be used. The work of Anna Orlikowska makes you realize that space is a poetic presence, surrounding us all, all the time." Maarten de Reus