Copyright by Anna Orlikowska

Built with

  1. Can you hear me?

    Installation for sounding objects, four performers and a listening viewer
    CCA Ujazdowski Castle - Bank Pekao Project Room, Warsaw, curated by Kaja Pawelek


    The installation Can you hear me?  transformed the gallery room of the CCA Ujazdowski Castle into a resonance chamber, inviting the audience to engange in the act of listening. Sounds of the pre-recorded conversations about listening were were hidden inside the walls and resonating objects – transformed pedestals. The different modes of listening were suggested to the audience through the titles on the walls as well as through the shapes of the objects. The biggest resonating object was the room itself. During the opening night, four performers, who acted as ideal listeners, were merging with the audience. The visual arrangement of objects created a form of a graphic score for bodies to interact with. The gallery plinths were holding the bodies performers and visitors.


  2. Can you hear me, Performance documentation (fragment), HD video, color, sound, 3min.