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  1. The weaving

    Sound installation / Performance for 6 walking singers
    Rietveld Graduation Show

    The work consists of two parts: sound installation and a performance. Part one is a 10-channel sound installation placed in a room which functions as a textile weaving workshop. I decided to replace the weaving of textile with the weaving of sound, creating a fabric out of voices. The installation consists of 10 different recordings of a singing voice played back through a structure of 10 speakers on wooden posts. The voices are grouped in pairs and directed towards each other, as if each pair was holding one thread. The speaker construction holds sounds like the loom holds threads. There are pairs of voices holding warp thread while other voices are weaving weft thread on top of them. The sound that you hear is a music composition that consists of five different parts. Each part is a different approach on the imaginary weaving with the voice.

    The second part of the project is a living sound sculpture. Six singers are grouped in pairs. The singers voices are treated as threads, with the principle of two voices holding one thread on its two ends and a system of warp and weft threads. The performers walk through corridors, staircases, elevators and other transitory places. While constantly singing and remaining in relation towards each other. It is as if they would spread and adjust the structure of the fabric into all those locations. Sound fabric is bending, stretching and curving through the noise of the hallways, between the public, sometimes almost unnoticed, yet present all the time.