Copyright by Anna Orlikowska

Built with

  1. This space between us

    Mixed media Installation
    Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, curated by Kelly Shindler

    In the work This space between us, a wooden sound object, located in the gallery room, had been activated by the performers, who sang towards each other through its opposite ends. After the performance, the object is deactivated, left as a trace of an event, which took place in another moment in time. A video documenting this performance is played back in the same room.  When the sound is travelling through the object, it is taking its shape, becoming an acoustic cast. The metal stands, which were holding the object during the performance, are casted to fit the shape of the sound object – the shape of the stands marks the presence of the object, once the object is removed. When, during the performance, even the stands are removed from in between the singing performers, the stands’ material presence is casted in the air. The transmitted sound becomes a cast in the air.