Copyright by Anna Orlikowska

Built with

  1. Uh, uhh, mmm

    Sound installation on a houseboat
    Home Sequence, Amsterdam, curated by Tao Verhovec Sambolec and Sascha Pohle
    Collaboration with Willy Smart

    This site specific installation came from a fascination for an erotic novel about water striders by Willy Smart and was presented during ‘Home sequence’, an exhibition taking place in living spaces in Amsterdam. The installation transforms the book into a radio play and treats it as a score for spatial interventions. It is an attempt to give body to the book without the actual book being present. The recording of the radio play was hidden in the basement of a houseboat, making the entire boat resonating with sound and inviting audience to o put their ears to the floor to be able to hear the content of the play. On the ceiling of the house the visitors could see the light reflecting movement of water surrounding the house, movement affected by reverberating sound waves. A recording translation a drawing from a book into a sound piece was hidden in the garden outside of the house.